Design Process

Kitchen & Bath Design

Your Designer

The first person you will probably come in contact with in your remodeling journey is your kitchen or bathroom designer. Our designers hold multiple duties and responsibilities through-out the remodeling process.

What's Out There

When we start a project, we like for the client to come into the showroom to get an idea of what products are out there. This is not only helpful to you, the client, but also gives the designer an idea what your tastes are before beginning to design your kitchen or bathroom.

Using their vast experience with different products, it is part of our designers’ job to expose our clients to the different products that are out there, and to implement them into their design.

Designing Your Space

As a starting point our designers will come out to measure your space. From there, they can develop 3 different things:

A Floor Plan: A floor plan is the “DNA” or map of your remodel. It contains all the information vital to your project. This includes measurements, cabinetry layouts, door styles, and finishes. You might also see “SKU’s” or codes which contain information about each individual cabinet.

Renderings: Renderings or perspectives are artistic interpretations of what your kitchen or bathroom will look like when your remodel is finished. Often these will be done with 20-20 Design software, or CAD. Sometimes our designers will even produce a hand drawing or a hybrid hand drawing (20-20 rendering with hand-drawn details.)

A Proposal: To move your project forward, the designer will now give you a proposal for work. Basically, this is just a neat list of what you will be getting from us. This list includes scope of work, product, and budgets. From this proposal, the client should have a good idea of whether they want to move forward, or step back for revision.