Installation Process

Kitchen & Bath Installation.

Installation Team

Both our lead carpenters (Bill and Wingate) have been with our company for over seven years. During that time, they have specialized almost exclusively in kitchen and bathroom installation. What does this mean to the client? It means that you get a craftsman that is extremely familiar and experienced with the products you purchased from us. Also, it means that your installer is familiar with certain design techniques our designers use.

Taking Control

At this stage in your project your lead carpenter will take control of your project. This includes:

  • Reporting any unforeseen issues to your designer
  • Reporting any product damage.
  • Communicating with our scheduling team when they will be ready for any sub-contractors that will be working on the job (plumbers/electricians, counter-top fabricator, tile, etc.).
  • Monitoring and assuring the quality of your project.

The Process

Generally, most remodels can be seperated by three broad steps (See below).

Demolition/Preparation: During the demolition stage, we will be tearing out and preparing your space for your new kitchen or bathroom. Typically, this stage can be completed fairly quickly. However, every project is different and time-frames vary depending on the size and scope of the project.

Installation: Once your space has been prepared, the installation stage starts. If it’s a kitchen project, that most likely will mean a lot of cabinet and trim installation. If it’s a bathroom, a lot of the project will consist of tile work and plumbing.

Attention To Detail: Attention to detail is something that is present throughout the entire installation process. In the end, it’s what separates a good project from a great project. Because our lead carpenters specialize in just kitchen and baths, they see details that someone else, who doesn’t deal with these types of projects everyday, may not.