Project Management.

Project Management

Managing Your Project:

Project management consists of many different stages and is probably the most important factor in a “turn-key” kitchen or bath remodel. In order for your project to go smoothly, good project management is a must. Our philosophy splits project management into several phases.


Once you have signed your contract, your project is moved into the scheduling phase. With so many different projects in the pipeline at once, it’s important that we stay organized internally. That is why we have a physical board in our office with all the upcoming projects, as well as, a web based project management system for remote access to the schedule. Our clients also receive a username and password for the system, which provides open communication with their designer/installer.


In order for your project to go smoothly, your product needs to be ordered in relation to the start of your project. Typically, cabinetry will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to get. Other products, such as sinks or faucets, normally come in much quicker.

To simplify and streamline the ordering process, all your product ordering (except for cabinetry) is done by one person; our purchasing manager Jessica. It is part of her job to make sure all your product has been ordered in advance to the start of your project.


In the weeks before your project, we will start receiving your product. Depending on the size of your remodel, the amount of product can be substantial. Having us receive all your product in one place can be of great value to the client. This value includes:

  • Having someone else do the heavy lifting.
  • Not having to find a place to store all your product.
  • If something comes in damaged, not having to deal with getting a replacement.
  • Not having to worry about receiving all your product on time. Let us worry about that.

After all of your product has been received and your project is about to start, our expediter Chris will coordinate any deliveries that need to be made.